Thursday, 24 July 2008

Life Is So Exciting - I'm Flying

You may have been wandering where I disappeared to. Well, things have been so exciting for me this last little while that I have not had a great deal of time to "PLAY".

I've been trying to write for some time now - I've had a novel in the pipeline for many years - it's a 3 generation saga with a story very close to my heart. I also have a few other things I have wanted to make books of, but I always get so far and then loose interest because I want everything to be done instantly. Well, I now have no more reason to make excuses.

Last weekend I went to London for a 3 day seminar with a motivational speaker I have been an acolyte of for about a decade. He and his team kept us on the edge of our seats for the whole three days. To say that what I learnt has "changed my life" would probably sound like a cliche, but believe me, it has. I am so excited that I have yet to come down to earth - I almost hope I never do.

Although what they had to share with us was not necessarily new to me, it has brought a lot more clarity toward where my life is heading and how to go about achieving my goals.

Part of the seminar was aimed at aspirant writers like myself. They covered a section on how to go about putting a successful book together and also offered a publishing program, which I hope to avail myself of once I have things together. Anyhow, I have a couple of possible books partially completed and my mission is now to complete them. I also have a commission to do research toward a possible further book on a particular very interesting subject and am in the processes of recruiting a Mastermind Group to discuss the subject. I have a number of people who have already joined the group from all over the world.

Right - so now you know what I'm up to if I'm not around much.
I'm Phoenix Rising ! Want to join me?


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