Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Mother Nature

Last week - or the end of it at any rate - turned out to be really rough. To help me rest and recover the Big Guy took me away for the weekend, hopefully to get me to take a break from the computer .... LOL. I don't sleep too well in a strange bed though - and the break was visiting his mother! As dear as she is to me, I am never totally comfortable with her, and she lives in a freezing house, so it was great to come home to my own abode, to my own kitchen, bed and a properly central heated dwelling.

Any how - it's now Tuesday and the week is already rushing away with me. But I do feel a bit more rejuvenated. I spent most of yesterday sorting out my mail box, dumping rubbish and saving files I need to keep. This poor old computer of mine is as weary as me, LOL. I finally got a scan done last night - it only finished this morning - and we are all clean and ready to go again. So - the news is: I have a new kit for y'all - and it's a freebie!

I have been working on putting this together for a short while. I chose the colours a while back from something I saw and liked so much - yes I snuck them out of something I saw on a blog site somewhere - don't remember where. And I came up with something that I felt related to the season, earth rejuvenating itself and loosing some of the grey, but not quite bright and breezy yet - so here is my "MOTHER NATURE" kit.

Download HERE

or click on the preview to go to 4shared.

I used this kit for one of the LOs I made for my daughter, Stel. She and her boyfriend went out to dinner 6th August last year with a group of friends at Charlie Croft's, a very popular restaurant in Durban, SA.

With that done - I thought I'd share something about me. Some of you know my passion, but I'm sure that not all of you do. I'm simply crazy about cats! But at present I don't own any personally. I am visited regularly by the tom cat from next door - my home is open to him whenever he wishes to visit. He has his own place to sleep with a warm crocheted afghan on a couch in my lounge! Spoilt hey? But then all my kitties have been spoilt like that - they are so worth all the love you can give them, and contrary to what many people think about cats being solitary animals, they love to be loved and give back all the love you can give them.

I'm actually hoping soon to get a cat of my own, but it will have to be the opposite of Tom. He is a black short hair with white socks, a tiny white bib and a white spot on his chin just like a goatee beard, LOL. But I am wanting a female white long hair with blue eyes! Do you think I'm going to get lucky? We will see. But I have got to admit that I enjoy having Tom around. The Big Guy and I call him "Sweet Boy" because he is just so dear - comes and talks to us so sweetly, purrs for a dozen cats. Ah - such a sweet sound! My heart broke for him yesterday as he got locked inside when his people went to work and I could hear him crying at times through the day. I can't blame them though - we were supposed to have abysmal weather yesterday with lots of wind and rain - not weather for cats - not even ducks! Today the sun has actually come out and he's out doing his rounds; I know I'm not the only one he visits in the neighbourhood! Ah well - Toms will be toms, LOL.

I'm going to be heart broken when we leave this house as we will have to leave our dear friend behind. We are, however, looking for a new abode - something a bit bigger - something that has enough room to swing a cat, LOL.

Eh Bien, I think that's about all for this morning. Remember, if you are looking for anymore of my kits you can shivvy over to hanneicasdigitalartsandcrafts.com. There you'll find my scrap goodies and my PSP tutorials as well. And pop back to my blog again - I might have something special for y'all soon.

Until we are together again, take care.......

Hugs and Bright Blessings



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